I love to come and work with organisations to craft experiences for their employees. From half-day vison mind mapping, to multi-day engagements of archetype role play and arts , to retreats for teams…I am happy to craft the ideal experience for your team. My belief is that teams and companies fail due to lack of vision and the clarity that follows suit. For over a 15yrs I have worked with socially responsible start-ups, non-profits, and for-purpose organizations.

I love to come into organizations to teach, speak, and/or craft retreat experiences for teams.

Learning is Changing

As much as 80% of information people receive at seminars never makes it back to the office because it’s too general, people don’t make the personal connection and they don’t know how to apply it to their specific circumstances.

The Executive Mind Team, on the other hand, can design, facilitate and help your people implement change on completion of the workshop: skills development and unconscious learning for you and your people with the end-result in mind. We get intimately involved by asking questions so that we understand your problems and help you solve them in a knowledge-based workshop format. Asking questions such as:

  • How will this knowledge directly impact the internal and external customer?
  • In essence, move your company forward and improve your bottom line?

Everything created for you is based on specific need, personalities, culture and learning ability. By applying this method you are assured of long-term integration of knowledge that directly improves self-awareness/responsibility and personal development/knowledge/wisdom.

People learn and are best able to apply knowledge through hands-on experience, reflection, and discussion. The key is to involve participants so they become active partners in the development of their learning which improves cross-over knowledge. Cross-over knowledge is deeper and more profound in that people create connections in mental, emotional, and behavioural ways that translate to the actual circumstance, person or business environment. This is achieved, in part, with an effective debrief which help participants to visualize and walk through the vital steps to ensure that long-term learning and positive return on investment are leveraged to the fullest.

Workshop examples:

Stress in the workplace

This is not your usual tutorial! You’ll go away from this with a real sense of purpose. Stress can be so disruptive to individuals, teams and organisations, which means that managers need to develop their skills and understanding of this topic to produce the stability and cohesion that produces the best from people.

The Art of motivation

A half day seminar / workshop designed to give delegates a true grasp of what motivation is in terms of psychological science and how it can be applied as an art within management practice.

Vision mind mapping

Open your minds. We’re all enveloped by procedure. This is an opportunity to see how you can invigorate your thinking, energise your metabolism and get those creative juices flowing!
A full day workshop dealing with creativity at work that can free your mind and boost your business using new concept in a Creative Workshop that helps Staff/individuals enhance their coping skills to combat or overcome Stress in the Workplace. Using the mixture of Arts, Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness; delivered by a professionally registered Psychotherapist.


Neuro-sculpting // Nourishing Food // Deep Relaxation // Courageous Inquiry // Inner child // Time in Nature // Yoga // Gratitude & Compassion Practices // “Wancing” (walk-dancing) // Walking // Visualizations // NLP// Discussion // Stillness // Silliness // Reflecting //. The Executive Mind can create you personalised Pre-arranged Bespoke Retreat with your team/groups of 8 -14 persons for Organisations. Venues to be confirmed.

Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader who wants to become more effective both in your role and in the performance of your team? Then you may benefit from one-on-one coaching.

My coaching system focuses on identifying your strengths and then teaches you how to leverage those strengths. This will increase your leadership skills so that you can have greater influence and show up more powerfully in your role.

My six month coaching process includes assessments, 180 and 360 feedback, one-on-one coaching sessions with check in points along the way. We will identify your strengths, opportunities for growth, and develop a plan that empowers your unique leadership potential. At the end of the six months, you will walk away with strategies that continue to support sustainable change.