Who is Executive Coaching for?

Leadership and executive coaching is for transformative organisations. The Executive Mind Team work with companies that value human capital and want to impact the world in a positive way. Proven dynamic frameworks for growth to drive bottom-line results for Founders, Executives, CEO’s and their teams.

When executive coaching can help

Here are some of the typical scenarios that coaching supports:

  • Leaders who want support and challenge with a peer level coach, enabling them to have time to think and plan
  • Individuals experiencing significant stretch in their role, or who are going through high levels of change
  • People promoted to a new role without the right support or when there is a known skill or behavioural gap identified, which needs support to ensure a successful transition
  • High potential ‘flight risk’ individuals who you want to invest in to retain people who are technically strong but need to develop their leadership skills
  • Leaders who have ‘lost their spark’ or may not be in the right role
  • People who are disengaged in their role or the organisation.

The benefits for your people

  • We deliver a personal, one to one executive coaching service that is built around the specific needs of the individual
  • We deliver long-term, sustainable behaviour and mind-set change. We focus on your people’s strengths and how to use these to best effect, plus anything that may be holding them back. Our goal is to help your people to make changes that give significant and lasting benefits

The benefits for your organisation

You get the outcomes you want. We work with individuals who want to change an aspect of their performance and provide them with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge.

Our Executive Coaching Team can use established profiling tools and techniques like the Thomas (PPA) psychometric assessment, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The coach and coachee will agree what will deliver the best insight for the coachee and enable the outcomes they want.

Our comprehensive coaching offers support to working professionals throughout their development journey. We have variety of disciplined qualified coaches and can cover all styles and development needs from board members and senior executives to school leavers and graduates. We can support on a local, national and international basis and can offer face to face, video or online coaching to global executives and leaders.

Executive coaching service – at a glance

Everyone’s different and our service reflects that – but broadly speaking your people follow a four-step process over six to eight months:

Step one – engaging your people with the coach

A face to face chemistry meeting between your employee and their coach. We are passionate about getting the right match – to create the perfect partnership between your employee and their coach. If, for any reason, they do not feel the match is right, we will pair them with another coach for another chemistry session before any coaching starts.

Step two – coaching kick off

A face to face meeting to facilitate a 2 (3) way conversation between employee, (their manager) and coach, to agree objectives, expectations, outcomes, roles.

Step three – core coaching programme

We agree with you the duration of your desired coaching programme, typically this covers six coaching sessions of two to three hour duration. These take place between four to eight weeks, to allow your people time in between to work with new techniques and building on the results.

Step four – coaching review

A face to face meeting to facilitate a second 2 (3) -way conversation between you, and coach, to review the outcomes of your coaching programme and agree next steps.

What behavioural changes do our executive coaching candidates achieve?

  • Improved working relationships
  • Improved engagement and leadership of their people
  • Improved resilience, mental toughness, self-belief and confidence
  • More effective personal impact
  • Calmness and reduced pressure
  • Greater team performance
  • More effective strategic thinking
  • Greater ability to influence upwards
  • Innovative thinking.

Leadership is the art of managing evolution & change

Understanding Others

How to effectively lead and manage them: By different estimates, one half to two thirds of a leader or managers day is spent dealing with people problems. I coach my clients how to understand human dynamics so they become a more effective role model and proactively impact individuals and the dynamic interplay within groups, department’s and teams. Invest in understanding your colleagues and others at all levels within your organization and learn why they want to help you achieve department and organizational objectives and what steps to take to achieve your goals.

Everything accomplished in business is done with and through people.  The Executive Mind Team can facilitate positively to impact organizational culture, business process, teams, and individuals.

At The Executive Mind, we don’t get side tracked by chasing symptoms; we help you get results by partnering with you and your people to solve problems in innovative ways. Contact us now to discuss your top 3-4 problems you would like Solutions.

Improving Emotional Intelligence will make individuals attain personal growth and maturity, gain better relationships and effortlessly experience more achievements, love and joy in their life.

At one time or another, all organizations experience overwhelming challenges. Our years of experience and education have taught us that most, if not all, organizational problems — whether technical, financial, structural, or some other issue — hinge on improving human communication and processes.

If you represent an organization who really cares about  its employees and their community, The Executive Mind would like to initiate a supportive and encouraging relationship with you and your employees. Let’s cultivate an alliance and forge true value.  Genovieve Feasey  and  Associates provide support to your business and your human resource department. For organizations with the smallest local foot print here in the Counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and London we would like to offer you a unique opportunity.

Evaluate your past, be more aware of your present, and make better choices for the future. Where you go is up to you, the only direction is the one you feel inspired to take.

The Executive Mind provides testing and assessment services to a range of clients – from organizations with standardized testing needs – to in-house testing for our therapy clients when additional evaluation is needed to create the optimal therapy treatment plan.