What we do


Clinical Coaching Verses Coaching: DIFFERENCE

Whether you seek satisfying relationships, a more successful career, growth in your business, a more healthful lifestyle — or any other goal — through ‘The Executive Mind, we will take a Clinical Holistic view of where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

The Executive Mind, Genovieve mentions “I recognize the challenges leaders and organizations face both in the field and at the corporate level.  I love that I can apply my passion for clinical coaching to help leverage leaders, bringing value to their organizations, their clients and to them personally.”

Using proven tested, researched, regulated approved medical psychotherapy techniques, along with coaching modalities; we will examine all aspects and influences that are shaping your situation, and work to remove or manage those roadblocks that stand between you, your goals and business profits.

What we do: Executive Clinical Coaching.  Leadership Development.  Building High Performance Teams.  Leadership and Executive assessments. Social and Emotional intelligence.  Mindfulness education.  Change management.  Workplace educational seminars.

Being an Executive Clinical Coach is draws upon Positive Psychology, Regulated Clinical Mental Health Techniques, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming ‘NLP’ and Hypnosis to impact YOU a CEO, Executive, Leader or Manager.  Genovieve Feasey is Clinical Coach –Trauma Psychotherapist.


  • Our methods work for you because our approach has scientific rigour based around neuroplasticity and human behaviours, using experiential and applied learning mythology. It means that we engage and develop your people using statistically proven techniques.
  • We make learning digestible, real-life and relevant. Once individuals understand the science behind it, we ensure learning is engaging and memorable. This way everyone’s learning needs are met. Then we help you apply it practically too individual challenges and your organisational needs.
  • We deliver behavioural change and better performance. Our clients often tell us that they see almost instant improvements when working with us and that they achieve the cultural change they are looking for in months, not years.

Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader who wants to become more effective both in your role and in the performance of your team? Then you may benefit from one-on-one coaching.

My coaching system focuses on identifying your strengths and then teaches you how to leverage those strengths.  This will increase your leadership skills so that you can have greater influence and show up more powerfully in your role.

My six month coaching process includes assessments, 180 and 360 feedback, one-on-one coaching sessions with check in points along the way. We will identify your strengths, opportunities for growth, and develop a plan that empowers your unique leadership potential. At the end of the six months, you will walk away with strategies that continue to support sustainable change.

I apply a holistic approach to Clinically Coaching you. Meaning, I see you as a whole person and am not simply coaching you on what you “do”. Together we can build a plan focused around what you most want to accomplish, so that you feel happier, are more productive, and achieve those results with more ease and confidence.

If you currently struggle to manage and effectively engage your team, my coaching system will help you to become more strategic and identify ways that you can improve your team’s performance.

At the end of the program you will walk away with systems that will guide you in your strategic thinking and decision-making ability. Be empowered with effective coaching and motivational tools that will support you to generate maximum performance from your team.

Supervision in the workplace  

At one time or another, all organisations experience overwhelming challenges. The Executive Mind Team shares years of experience and education have appreciating that most, if not all, organizational problems — whether technical, financial, structural, or some other issue — hinge on improving human communication and processes.

Working conditions and environment can have a huge impact on mental health and, equally, someone’s mental health can have a significant impact to perform well in their job.

  • The Executive Mind Team can deliver a personal, one to one team supervision service or team supervision that is built around the specific needs of the team or individuals.


The Executive Mind Team can offer short or long-term supervision, which can lead to sustainable behaviour and mind-set change. We focus on your people’s strengths and how to use these to best effect, plus anything that may be holding them back. Our goal is to help your people to make changes that give significant and lasting benefits to your organisation.

Ad hock Business Advice with Emotional Psychology in mind

When You Need It

our clients and visitors have informed  us that they would like to see Clinical Advisory Services that they can purchase when they need it.  As a services organization it is difficult to provide the level of expertise needed immediately as this would require an expert to sit idle until needed.  Since this is not possible, we have looked to provide as close to the type of services as possible to meet your needs.

Offerings for Advisory Services

Personal Clinical  Advice Helpline for Business

The business helpline offers a phone or online video service that will be booked and paid for in advance. This is not a service that is provided face to face.  This service is great for business owners who are looking for guidance who are not quite ready to take on a full business coaching engagement but need some help & guidance once in a while. It is also works well for business owners who have not utilized professional help in the past or start-ups who are looking for some initial help with the emotional impact their business has on them, before they invest in ongoing services. There will be some services that will that will be booked and used as needed online, and other services that be booked for someone to be on your site as needed for a period of time.

Business Profiling Assessment

A business profiling assessment evaluates every area of a business in order to uncover what issues are keeping you from meeting your financial and overall business and personal goals.  A business assessment can be helpful if:

  • Your business is experiencing stagnate growth and you are not sure why
  • You were recently turned down for financing and you are not sure why
  • You are experiencing issues in areas of your business and are not sure what is causing them
  • You are about to take on significant growth and are not sure if your business as it is can handle it

The engagement is interactive and requires the business owner and employees of the business to be available and participate in the engagement.

Assessing Areas of Your Business

Whether you need to assess your overall business, a particular area, or just assess you against particular metrics to determine whether your business is performing as it should our team of associates will provide clarified assessments fed back and can provide reviews for when you the business owner is looking to better understand self, their current situation and to understand if that area/strategy is running as well as it could be.

Some assessments start with a questionnaire or survey to collect information about you and then perhaps your business, along with relevant information such as financials, plans, job descriptions, written processes.

Additional information is gathered through interviewing you and your staff to confirm an understanding of the information provided in the questionnaire and with any additional information provided.

Proper analysis and consultancy is performed which is based on best practices for the business or in the specific area or function that is being assessed.

Recommendations for improvement will be provided in a report which will be reviewed with the business owner in person or via online conference.

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence for life and business.

At the foundation of superior performance is: good decision-making. And that’s where your emotional intelligence (EQ) comes in. Emotional intelligence has the capacity to have you be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Talking about emotion is not an accepted norm in all businesses. Too often people attempt to eliminate emotion in their decision-making processes. Yet emotion is part of every interaction and every decision, whether you know it or not. In fact, emotion is data, just like the numbers on a balance sheet.

Workshop Delivery

I love to come and work with organisations to craft experiences for their employees.  Weekend Outdoor practical activity pursuits,  half-day vison mind mapping, to multi-day engagements of archetype role play and arts, or mindful retreats for teams…I am happy to craft the ideal experience for your team.

As much as 80% of information people receive at seminars never makes it back to the office because it’s too general, people don’t make the personal connection and they don’t know how to apply it to their specific circumstances.

The Executive Mind Team, on the other hand, can design, facilitate and help your people implement change on completion of the workshop: skills development and unconscious learning for you and your people with the end-result in mind

CLIENT QUOTE: “I really enjoyed these thought provoking sessions, what was great was to work with Genovieve as she was super flexible with me and my circumstances/schedule. I learned a lot of valuable tools to bring into my job/career starting out on my own found myself little lost emotionally due to family living abroad; felt I had no one to turn too when feeling wobbly, less than confident. We started by identifying my core values and strengths. I appreciated the fact that it went deeper into what things are deeply rooted to me. Genovieve helped bring to light to my strengths and positive beliefs around my business ethics and skill set. Generously provided me with network contacts, in London to pursue client work.  I also learned new skills for interviewing and communication helping me to attract the clientele and staff I look to hire. I would certainly recommend Genovieve to boosting the confidence to having you move forwards to building your business!” Emily – How Does Your Garden Grow, Director Gardening Design. Oxfordshire. UK.



The Executive Mind Team make their purpose and intention to help people overcome the struggle, and build resources such as self-empathy, self-motivation, self-awareness, mindfulness,  insights and perspectives, confidence, optimism, and resilience, and make changes that last. Their new lifestyles become embedded into who they are.

All businesses are only as good as the people who run them and how these people think, communicate, behave, execute and trust one another. Business improvement comes through individual, management and team transformations. But this transition cannot become habit by an individual or group simply memorizing a top ten list read from a book or attending a seminar. A leadership and management team must work through probable yet challenging stages to reach the “other side” of themselves.

At The Executive Mind, we specialize in getting to the heart of the matter — as quickly as possible; finding out what lies just beneath the surface addressing “the elephant in the room”; and getting the issues out in the open so they can be resolved.

I ask a series of questions and systems to help us separate the symptoms from the true problems.

I gather additional subconscious and covert information by listening to what you say, how you say it, the words, phrases and metaphors that help you express; yet also provide clues to inconsistencies that may be self-sabotaging you and or your team.

We clarify these and take specific steps to clear away the unwanted and damaging and replace with effective, innovative and productive thoughts, actions, statements and behaviours.

Then we switch this process with your direct reports and throughout the various departments that make up your organization.

This process takes a group of people working in the same building to another level of performance and cultural alignment.

This, in turn, WILL create for you a distinct and competitive advantage over your competition resulting in an improved bottom line.(click for more info…)