Team Coaching

Team Coaching Workshops London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey

Like an orchestra, a business or other organisation needs great tools (instruments), a great plan (sheet music), and the right people to create a successful outcome.  But the people, regardless of talent, must work as a team to achieve what is possible.


It is a diverse community of people who come together on the premise that in order to change one’s life (and the world). We have to work with others to create change; to create a new model for relating. 

Research has found that there are three factors that drive performance at work: the ways teams act together and the ways that things are done; and the engagement, commitment, and satisfaction of employees; supervision quality and the nature of the relationships of managers/supervisors/teams. 

‘The Executive Mind’ works within organisations on just these areas, helping individuals and teams to overcome their fears and resistance, helping them to make the required adjustments, face the issues and embrace the changes rapidly and successfully. 

Relating to the world is varied; however, we come to experience our own view of being in it. There are more ways than the one we know to be physical, emotional, cultural, professional, sexual and relational. We can lack or feel unskilled in relating to people who don’t fit the one way we know how to be.  

So we can experience ourselves as alone, separate and disconnected, and when confronted with issue’s that we don’t know how to direct or resolve; we then, attempt to address our problems using the same intellectual and emotional tools that got us there in the first place! 

How ‘The Executive Mind’ helps teams in organisations is to: 

  • Utilize practical frameworks like psychological education seminars,  
  • Creative innovative therapeutic workshops, also making use of: 
  • Psychometric tools available to assist with clarifying “where you are now” so that the road map can commence from a recognised and agreed start point.   
  • Identify employees with the capacity and interest to be good managers and understand the people they manage. 
  • Self-awareness and how their own influence impacts the people in the organisation. 
  • Re-evaluate team’s core motives to build collaboration within the organization. 

Your teams can gain understanding with personal feedback; make leaps in their leadership presence, personal effectiveness, and influence on others. 

As a leader, you can more readily overcome obstacles that may be sabotaging your ability to achieve and sustain extraordinary results.  By understanding your own motives more clearly, you will also learn the most effective ways to draw upon the strengths of your aides and co-workers. This will create a reciprocal beneficial environment that will embrace and support your own success. 

A good leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader challenges people to go beyond their perceived limits…and produce extraordinary results.