Results & Testimonials


To say that my experience working with Genovieve was life-changing is an understatement. She is thoughtful, funny, kind, patient and highly skilled at leading you to your own answers and insights. Genovieve’s  business and personal experience, coupled with her guidance and careful crafting of my self-discovery, uncovered a number of self-limiting beliefs that I was completely unaware of. As a result, I have new clarity about and am more confident in my skills, knowledge, abilities and sense of self. I will forever be grateful. ‘Anthony Cunningham’ Business Entrepreneur  Kent. 

“Insightful, intelligent, warm…” 

Genovieve is super insightful, intelligent, warm and engaging. Short of being the angel on my shoulder, I can’t think of anyone who’d be more helpful to figure out how I can engage with people more effectively. She’s somewhere between the strict head teacher who you know is right or at times ‘Mary Poppins’, and your new best friend. She is very flexible and a great listener, yet still good at holding me accountable and becoming my own teacher. She was able to digest and untwist my “logic” and my stream of consciousness explanations, and realistically put me on better footing, both as a professional and a person.  ‘Fiona Brown’ Business Development Entrepreneur Buckinghamshire. 

“Genovieve has the mysterious capability,’ intuitive’ for knowing what you really want to achieve – even if you are uneased to let yourself acknowledge it.”  

I was uncomfortable to accept leadership roles or step into positions of power related to my work and experience. The best gift I received during my coaching is the ability to rethink  about time in a way where I can still get all of my work done and be mindful and present without feeling tired and rushed. Genovieve techniques of Mindfulness and EMDR refocused my energy and, in return, I feel confident seeing myself as she and others see me. Regaining this confidence has allowed for me to step into new leadership roles and consider additional opportunities like public speaking”.   Ed M. Buckinghamshire .UK Business Man

“Genovieve’s techniques refocused my energy…”

“I was able to see my entire life in a new light, one that makes me appreciate every event and the people in it, recognise what I’ve lived through. And for that, I will be forever grateful to Genovieve. That was one of the biggest gifts of my life. I’ve learned to see my past in a new light. I now have the ability to see discomfort and pain as an opportunity to get healthy and strong! Genovieve can take what he sees, crystalize what that is in relatable language, and then help us figure out what’s holding us back and what will propel us. My twenty plus years in therapy never got me anywhere close to where Genovieve got me in just a few sessions. Her abilities are remarkable to say the least”. Anne G.  Solo Entrepreneur  From Kent, UK.

“I never played or enjoyed big around my career. I was scared of challenging myself to do more.”

I’ve learned to recognize old patterns, comfort zones, and old conditioning. When I start to feel small or insignificant, I tell myself—that, is not ME. I am strong, smart, intelligent and loved. My relationship with my boss has improved for the better and going to work every day is no longer hostile. Genovieve genuinely cares about people and you WILL get results! I’d always feel that she was right there with me and felt what I was going through, helping to put things back in perspective. I always ended feeling amazing! Sara H.  Business Manager from Kent UK.

“Genovieve has provide a private space with an empathic, dazzling, kind and compassionate personality…”

In working towards living a more conscious life, Genovieve has taught me how to reduce my anxiety and feel more fulfilment and joy using some innovative techniques I’ve never experienced like somatic body awareness and EMDR . I’ve learned skills that I can use literally anywhere (in my car, at my desk, in the shower, in a meeting) to calm my mind and bring me back into my body. I’ve learned that the body doesn’t know time so I can still think that I’m experiencing a ‘Stuff’ trauma from years back. I would say RUN – DON’T WALK. Genovieve is a gift to the world. She is empathic, ideal, kind and have total trust in her abilities .She is encouraging and I feel as though she truly reads my mind. I’m so grateful to have had her help me in this point in my life.