Our Approach

At one time or another, all organizations experience discouraging challenges. Our years of experience and education have taught us that most, if not all, organizational problems — whether technical, financial, structural, or some other issue — pivot on improving human communication and practices.

The Executive Mind Team, we don’t get distracted pursuing symptoms; we help our clients get results by connecting with them to solve difficulties with people issues in innovative ways.

Everything we do is supported by these principles:


Increased loyalty and passion for your brand comes from true engagement of customers and employees


Everything we do is based on the latest techniques and tailored to your needs, we don’t use text book methods of training.


Culture change may be smart, but we keep our solutions practical so that you can embed them for yourself.


We want to give you an edge by challenging your thinking and supporting you and your teams to develop fresh ideas.

High resolution awareness is critical to growth and development and will:

  • Increase the accuracy with which you see yourself and others.
  • Clarify your understanding of how others see you.
  • Help you understand the past in a way that empowers you to design your future.
  • Reveal the dynamics and politics of the human systems around you so that you can act more effectively.
  • Clarify the core values and principles that bring you alive.
  • Identify immediate,  short and long term goals that define the path to flourishing in your personal and professional life.

Attitude shifts and becomes a source of energy when:

  • Work is built around identified talents and strengths.
  • Positivity and appreciation for the self is cultivated.
  • Mind, emotion and body are endorsed as information sources.
  • Goals are linked to purpose.
  • Meaningful challenge is available.
  • Connectivity to others is cultivated.

Action is essential to change and requires rehearsal and practice.  Strategies that support action can include:

  • Behavioural and educational assignments.
  • Customized accountability plans.
  • Role-play and simulation exercises.
  • Mentored interactions.
  • Cognitive-behavioural approaches.
  • Improvisational-experiential assignments and practice.
  • Mindfulness-based instruction and practice.

Customized individual, group and team approaches are designed to fit specific needs, values, time constraints, preferences and budgets.

In and of itself, employee engagement isn’t enough to inspire a performance culture. Individual feelings of ownership and loyalty and the desire to produce results for the organisation are driven far further by an invigorating, shared sense of meaning and purpose.  Our services of diagnostic tools, workshops, clinical coaching and supervision – organisational leaders can foster the clarity of purpose, genuinely-lived values, and performance-enabling culture that deliver sustained outcomes and improvements over time.

We see… Vision

We envision a world where all people choose to lead from inspiration.

Our Mission

To provide transformational ‘Executive and Leadership Emotional Development Services’ for organizations and individuals.

Our Values

  • Choice. We believe that with awareness and personal responsibility, we have choice.
  • Expansion. We are always learning, growing, evolving, and emerging.
  • Community. We know that more is possible through connection than in isolation.
  • Partnership. We rely on our network of trusted, open partners from around the community.
  • Nothing happens without passion, and it can begin within each of us.

Principles are important and so are numbers

£17bn is the cost to the UK of sickness absence annually

67% of effective leadership is linked to higher Emotional Intelligence

18% increase in productivity amongst more engaged teams

71% of managers say meetings are unproductive and inefficient

60% of millennials rate opportunities to learn and grow as “extremely important” to them at work.