Management supervision

At one time or another, all organisations experience overwhelming challenges. The Executive Mind Team shares years of experience and education have appreciating that most, if not all, organizational problems — whether technical, financial, structural, or some other issue — hinge on improving human communication and processes.
Working conditions and environment can have a huge impact on mental health and, equally, someone’s mental health can have a significant impact to perform well in their job.

  • 1 in 6.8 people are experience mental health problems in the workplace (14.7%).
  • Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19.8% vs 10.9%).
  • Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.

Ref: Lelliott, P., Tulloch, S., Boardman, J., Harvey, S., & Henderson, H. (2008). Mental health and work. Retrieved from

If you represent an organisation who really cares about its employees and their community, The Executive Mind would like to initiate a supportive and encouraging relationship with you and your employees. Let’s cultivate an alliance and forge true value. Genovieve Feasey and Associates provide support to your business and your human resource department. For organizations with the smallest local foot print here in the Counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire , Surrey and London we would like to offer you a unique opportunity.

According to an economic model, in a company of 500 employees where two thirds are offered and accept the Counselling treatment or Supervision, an investment of £20,676 will result in a net profit of approximately £83,278 over a two year period.5

Promoting wellbeing at work through personalised information and advice, a risk-assessment questionnaire, workshops and web-based materials will cost approximately £80 per employee per year. For a company with 500 employees, where all employees undergo the intervention, it is estimated that an initial investment of £40,000 will result in a net return of £347,722 in savings. Your leaders, management, employees if they are not accessing appropriate support – can impact your business through: absenteeism; presentism; relational issues; increasing the risk of psychological or physical incident/injury.


Workplace supervision focuses on:

  • Leaders who want support and challenge with a peer level coach, enabling them to have time to think and plan or promote early intervention regarding mental health of employees.
  • Proactively address workplace stress, including minimising conflict, bullying or leadership issues.
  • Understand the cost of mental health and workplace stress.
  • Meet legislative requirements to reduce the risk of psychological injury in the workplace.
  • Individuals experiencing significant stretch in their role, or who are going through high levels of change
  • People promoted to a new role without the right support or when there is a known skill or behavioural gap identified, which needs support to ensure a successful transition
  • High potential ‘flight risk’ individuals who you want to invest in to retain people who are technically strong but need to develop their leadership skills
  • Leaders who have ‘lost their spark’ or may not be in the right role
  • People who are disengaged in their role or the organisation.

The benefits for your people:

  • We deliver a personal, one to one executive coaching service that is built around the specific needs of the individual
  • We deliver long-term, sustainable behaviour and mind-set change.
  • We focus on your people’s strengths and how to use these to best effect, plus anything that may be holding them back. Our goal is to help your people to make changes that give significant and lasting benefits

The benefits for your organisation

You get the outcomes you want. We work with individuals who want to change an aspect of their performance and provide them with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge.

Our Executive Clinical Coaching Team can use established profiling tools and techniques like the Thomas (PPA) psychometric assessment, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The supervisor and supervisee will agree what to be addressed, the best insight for the supervisee and enable the outcomes they want.

Our comprehensive Work Place Supervision offers support to working professionals throughout their development journey. We have variety of disciplined qualified coaches and can cover all styles and development needs from board members and senior executives to school leavers and graduates. We can support on a local, national and international basis and can offer face to face, video or online Supervision to Global Organisations.

Leaders & Managers – Supervision using Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence for life and business management.

At the foundation of superior performance is: good decision-making. And that’s where your emotional intelligence (EQ) comes in. Emotional intelligence has the capacity to have you be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Talking about emotion is not an accepted norm in all businesses. Too often people attempt to eliminate emotion in their decision-making processes. Yet emotion is part of every interaction and every decision, whether you know it or not. In fact, emotion is data, just like the numbers on a balance sheet.

The Bottom Line:

To influence and work confidently with others and to contribute successfully to the growth and performance of an organization, leaders and managers need to know what is happening around them, understand what they are experiencing in the moment and recognise what it might be like to be in someone else’s shoes. Crucially, leaders, managers need to learn how to tune in to their inner signals and understand how their emotions affect them and those around them and the impact on performance.

Leaders and managers are not infallible in making a mistake. They too, react inconsiderately to situations rather than taking the time to be self-strategic. The simple act of taking a step back to read before you lead will result in more interactions where you achieve your desired results engaging regular workplace supervision sessions helps emotional intelligence to develop and implement. The most encouraging part about emotional intelligence is that the skills can be learned. You’ll find that if you take even small steps, the ROI on your effort will be substantial. “Emotional intelligence” is the key to both personal and professional success”.

Leaders and management are unique; successfully get to where they are by driving results but once they get to the top, a shift is necessary. They now need to achieve results through others. Their focus moves from their personal accomplishments to a wider vision and strategy aimed at growing the competence and confidence of their people.

Having substantial Emotional Intelligence can bridge the performance gaps of: high lighting awareness, manage skill weaknesses, and a workplace supervisor can leverage these talents. The greater ability managers and leaders have to receive feedback, understand themselves, their people, and their situations, the more likely they are to choose an approach that will create the best result for their organisation.