About Genovieve

Human beings today are constantly interrupted, leading to a nervous system that feels overwhelmed. We sometimes need someone to help us quiet down, zero in on what’s tangled, and then reconnect the wires in new ways. Having a compassionate change partner The Executive Mind Team, who can see how gifted you are, who will ask you the questions you’re too close to see, and who will – with your permission- keep you accountable, will save you time and energy.

What Genovieve is about

Genovieve works with Executive, Leaders and Managers who want to have greater impact in their daily work and through their teams for the good of the world.

Genovieve Feasey is the  founder of The Executive Mind  a nationally accredited professional. She is specialised in optimising ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ performance training and development for business professionals and driven individuals. Fully Accredited, Registered, Regulated by British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist ‘BACP’ and ‘CNHC’ Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council, Accredited ‘EMDRIA’ Practitioner, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Association. ‘NLP’ Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Trauma Somatic/Body Psychotherapist.

Genovieve has a deep appreciation for what’s at stake for YOU. You want to take your impact to the next level, and you realise that a shift is required – “what got you to where you are now is not going to work as well on a bigger playing field”.

What separates Genovieve from others is the fact she has significant clinical coaching experience using emotional intelligence which also adds to resolving business problems ; the executive mind team – Genovieve  is experienced with clinical psychology in areas of human development: Experientially, Emotional, Mental,  Physically and Spiritual. Genovieve respects and has same regard for every individual she works alongside “all are unique and exceptional”.


Genovieve has deep gratitude and love of life.  Has a passion for developing her career, quality time with family, fulfilling relationships with self and others, strong commitment to health and fitness, and continues to build financial security. Accomplishing goals she never had imagined.  Progression to achieving a balanced life and honoured to be helping other successful, high-achievers accomplish really big goals while simultaneously creating lives they love as well.

Has survived 53 years, having  acquired  13 years of professional Psychology and human development qualifications, later 8 years of Trauma Psychology and over 4000 working hours with clients. Genovieve has helped people step onto bigger stages, build their authentic presence and influence, address their blind spots, examine their assumptions, redefine their roles, address dysfunctional work/personal relationships, polish their communication skills, and wrestle with what they want to do next.  How she acquired this wisdom was…

Genovieve was brought up by single parent; her mother struggled with finances and had to leave her with carers whilst she worked 24/7.  Genovieve at the age of 5 years old and her siblings managed a lot of their own care, vulnerable and on many levels neglected. Genovieve struggled with academia at school leaving with minimal qualifications. Healing as an adult took place midlife and soon after her psychological professional training began, divorced after 28 years of marriage, a trauma survivor, and launched two sons successfully into adulthood. Finally she discovered new purpose, gifted to offer her clients personal insights to lighten conflict, crisis and emotional stability.

Genovieve went on to gain accreditation, recognition in her profession along with a degree in Psychology – and recognised in her field as a ‘Trauma Psychotherapist’. Genovieve built herself a portfolio of property with no experience, learnt to project manage her own and clients properties –successfully completing and placed properties on the rental market.  Her accomplishments were extraordinary, with limited finances and obstacles and creating new self-beliefs Genovieve now manages a balanced lifestyle, healthy relationships, financially secure and passionately looks to emerge as one of the UK’s leading experts in delivering Trauma Therapy, realisation of human potential and Executive/Leadership Personal Emotional Development.

Ultimately, Genovieve believes that everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, appreciated, she will hold and contain private shared confidential information to give your voice and opinion value and meanings.  Genovieve has the same regard for every individual, has unconditional positive regard, respecting all’s uniqueness’s. Genovieve’s current practices today are based on the connection between the body, mental habits, diet, lifestyle choices-decisions, and energy levels. Her curiosity and client focus helps induce cathartic practices which are instrumental overcoming either relational or event traumas e.g: life threatening events, or life threatening health conditions or psychological well-being  connected to the deeply rooted blocks that keep us from moving forward.

WORK WITH The Executive Mind:

An Executive Clinical Coach draws upon Positive Psychology, Regulated Clinical Mental Health Techniques, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming ‘NLP’ and Hypnosis to impact YOU a CEO, Executive, Leader or Manager.

What’s unique about The Executive Mind Team from others organisations are that they have a significant level of experience in every area of human development: Experientially, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. YOU as the client (s) have the benefit of all services under ‘1’ umbrella; therefore all is retained confidentially within our remit. Kept ‘In House’ under strict confidential contract,  no third parties breaking the confidential boundaries.

Genovieve Feasey is Clinical Psychotherapist/Wellbeing Coach /Trainer– Specially trained in EMDR- Trauma resolving Crisis, Conflict and Relationship issue’s personal or work related, Somatic Body Trauma Therapist; offering confidential, personal and intimate processes through which an individual’s increase their emotional wellness and knowledge. In laying some ground work, most will gain a deeper level of employee engagement impacting measurable results for sustained change.

The Executive Mind Team use this process to speedily address and progress with the presenting issues – using our team to limit breakdown of trust, bond, respect (normally organisations contract different consultants and service providers to deal with same issues therefore can cause further breakdown/disruption of communication, and unit,  limiting team cohesion and business culture).

A key area of interest for The Executive Mind Team and Genovieve; is to work with people that recognise the path of attaining ‘The Executive Mind’ as their calling. – How to find it, cultivate more of it, and eventually live each day with passion for your work.  Through deep listening, emotional intelligence, intuition, openness and humour, Genovieve and The Executive Mind Team are dedicated to empower men and women to develop position of leadership from an authentic self,  help them align their values, meaning and purpose with their work and life that are best for themselves and best for others.

If you are serious about increasing results or want to learn more about how The Executive Mind approach can help you, your business or organization raise the bar, simply call for a courtesy, no obligation consultation over a coffee or video call.


High-Achievers, Executive, Leaders, Managers who have focus, take decisive actions, and have expert advisors who bring out the best in them. The Executive Mind is privileged to helping hundreds of people develop capacities they didn’t know they had OR built on an authentic presence and influence, addressed the blind spots or tussled with what they want to do next.

Clients find Genovieve to be an independent sounding board to help meet personal and business goals. Her role isn’t to change you – it’s to draw you out.

Clients: CEO’s of Multi Million profits, Executives, Musicians, Writers, Performers, Entertainers, Athletes, Private Health Care Organisations like:  Bupa, Axa, London Transport Police, Thames Valley Police , Social Services, Solicitors, Local County Courts & Government Departments.

So your wondering is this for me, or for my team?

Your real-time circumstances are your best laboratory for learning how to do your best work in a way that’s reasonable. That’s where the things that worked so well to get you this far show up. Over time these approaches, routines, and thought habits for success no longer fit your more complex roles and begin to push you out of balance. If you’re reading this, you’re probably sensing that it may be time for a thoughtful update of your success ‘operating system’.

Ultimately we’re in the business of helping professionals expand their capacities emotionally, grow personally and professionally.  There is so much stress that comes from success, uncertainty, pressure, and increasing distractions.  Genovieve invites you to experience a session with her and the team, to see yourself more clearly, and to feel calmer, present, seen, and connected with the person you truly are.

Just 1 of the approaches of Clinical Coaching

In recent years this business has grown with supporting and working closely with executive men and women from all walks of life, helping them to overcome perceived blockages in many areas such as:

Improving self-esteem, optimizing communication, intimate relationships, sexuality, mission finding, career transition, conscious business, financial wealth, holistic health and wellness, weight loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, conscious evolution, and too many other areas to

We have an 8-session process that is rooted in addressing a work life balance using coaching and clinical psychotherapy research that includes mindfulness and trauma practices to support personal and work satisfaction.

The first 5 sessions are designed to help you introspect and reflect on specific childhood memories that uncover underlying motivations, passions, beliefs, and values. We get to the root of the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

The last three sessions are designed to help you identify your transferable emotional intelligence skills and direct them with performance in business and private life. When you are finished, you will have honed in on your personal challenges and goals, getting a true sense of direction and purpose. You have the choice to continue and do more research on yourself as sometimes this introspection allows us the space to clear out our clutter in our minds, get a sense of ease and contentment in the present day.

Should you require selective skills of Team Leadership Coaching, Management Supervision or Workshops  ‘The Executive Mind’ Team will gladly welcome a meeting to assess your requirements within your organisation